Swim with the fishes in your little submarine.


  • W to accelerate
  • S to decelerate
  • Mouse to look around

Music Credit: Myliobatis Aquila composed by Austin Wintory


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Luuuuke! I love the general vibe and aesthetic of this! The movement is satisfying in and of itself, so the lack of an objective aside from just exploring isn't really a problem. I agree with what TR said about the mouse sensitivity, but that could also just be my mouse as well. One thing I would have appreciated if you had more time would be maybe a tight rock tunnel that you pass through to get to another area or something. Overall though, you should know you've done something right when my only big complaint is that I want more of it! Dope work man!

I love how you focused on the visuals and feel of the game rather than making a full on game. The visual design of the game is amazing! It truly feels like I'm exploring under water and the school of fish makes it more realistic because their movement is so smooth. The controls were also really smooth, I had no problems with how the submarine was moving whenever I moved my cursor. Nice job makine something creative yet simple!

Hey Luke! This is a super chill game. It seems to be a growing theme with you haha, You could easily have named this game "Just Vibe". The schools of fish moving dynamically is really cool. My feedback would probably be to add more of an exploratory theme to it, which would basically mean just adding a larger space. Great Job!

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I LOVE this game! It has such a cozy yet exotic vibe to it. I think it would be really cool if you played a little bit more with light, since we are in a submarine, after all. Having a little light attached to the submarine to add to the feeling of exploration would be really radical. Also, maybe it's my mouse or maybe it's just classic unity webgl shenanigans, but the mouse seems a bit sensitive.

Also, possibly some sort of visual/audio feedback for when we speed up/slow down would be great, because some times I didn't notice if I was actually moving faster.

The environment is simple and comfortable, especially with the addition of bgm. If I lived in a yellow submarine I would like to swim with these fishes. I wish the fish AI made them form schools(like a big tornado); that would be sick. I also wish there are some water effects because right now it seems like everything is flying.

LUKE! You've come through with the chill games once more! The game feels really nice to play, I like the movement, it feels floaty but in the good way (cuz you're underwater and all). The game looks and feels great, excellent song choice! I think the game would've benefitted from some kind of light objective, maybe collect a certain number of a certain type of colored fish perhaps? Regardless, great job Lucas, keep it up.

beautiful boids! I wish I could interact with them in some more meaningful way, to my understanding, they don't avoid me when I come close. The space is sparse, and could use some more variety, perhaps some more color variation in the fish? or the rocks? I really do enjoy the shader on the fish, that coupled with the flocking really makes them feel life like.