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I actually had a lot of fun with the game Luke. It gives me like old Newground flash games type vibe, so it was actually pretty nostalgic to play a game like this. I do wish there was slightly more interactions I could do, but overall really fun!

Everything here feels pretty much as expected, but I especially like the particle systems and the interact sound. They feel great. I love spamming a bunch of health the exploding him into them and watching the cascade of smiley faces fly up while listening to the blip sound go crazy. The one thing I don't understand is the background. Why are those lines there? Game. Good.

I like this! It's very limited in scope but I don't think that's a bad thing. I can see the inspiration from Interactive Buddy- I love seeing people get inspiration from flash games! The magnets and bombs work great, and the emoji particles work perfectly. Limited, but well executed. Good work!

Luke I really like this! The magnet tool is a really fun one to use and I really enjoyed dragging the buddy around! One change i would add is slight variations on the sound effects. I think it would make it even better that it already is!

Nice sandbox, reminds me of Beat the Boss. I like how in your game the player can offer bandages instead of just beating the buddy. I also like the emotes for responding to my actions. One suggestion would to be add blood or health bar or numbers to indicate how much damage I have done, so there's a reason for me to use the bandage. Right now all they do is make the buddy happy, even though he may be at full health.

Hi Luke! This is so satisfying to play - it has the vibe of one of those games where you vent your workplace frustrations by slamming a ragdoll of your boss around the room. It’s cool that the little dude stays standing; watching him sway back and forth after a big explosion is oddly soothing. It’s also interesting that what you choose to do to this guy feels so inconsequential. After the little emoji particles disappear, all traces of your previous actions are gone, which might be intentional to fit the vibe or it might not be, but it definitely has a huge impact on the game’s sandbox-y feeling.

This game is simple but well done, so I don’t have a lot of criticism. If I had to say one thing, it’s that I don’t understand the visual significance of the little rectangles in the background, and the shadows are all weirdly jagged where the actual objects themselves have smooth edges. Good work!!

T does not restart. This is a lie. :(