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10/10, would vibe again. I really like the color palette here, it's very soothing and cool. The visual feedback from hitting the drum is very satisfying and i could easily see myself playing this often and for probably more time than necessary. If i could make any suggestions, it'd be maybe having an option to select another track or instrument to play.

Hey Luke! The vibe of this project is really great. The music and the palette work really well together. One thing that would be interesting to see is if you had the drumstick rest on the tom when the button is pressed down and have it go back up when you release the button. I rest the sticks close to the snare after hitting it and only bringing it back up when I go to strike it again. The return to the ready position was the only thing that kinda threw me off but other than that It was spot on and really enjoyable. 

Lucas Lin! This game feels great, the vibe (haha get it) you went with is super chill -- the music, the drum, and overall aesthetic is super relaxing. Playing this game made me realize the tough job a drummer has, so kudos to you for helping me arrive to that conclusion. I think it would've been interesting to see other instruments or beat elements introduced into the song, and you kinda have to find a way to fit the drum beat into the song. However, I think this could go against the vibe you were going for, but it might be something to consider in case you wanna revisit this. Great vibes, would vibe again.

Luke! Nice work making the drum feel really solid. I like how the particle effects and the drum model are of a really clear aesthetic. One thing I might add is a tiny bit of screenshake when the stick hits, or maybe add a couple more sounds to the drum that it could cycle through. Overall, really good work! 

( Also play MHW with me bro :0 )

This is really hypnotic I love the vaporwave color scheme! If I was to add anything to the game it would be for every few hits to change where the stick hits the drum to produce a slightly different noise. The particle effect upon hitting the drum is super cool and adds a lot to the action! 

I mean I had fun, and I appreciate the color pallet and relaxed atmosphere. plausibly you could add a couple of other color bursts for replay ability.